It is japanese vehicle to the world!

We are one of the most experienced and reliable exporters of Japanese used cars, sports cars, performance cars and 4×4. We would like to have the long lasting business relationship with our customers and a good standard of vehicles, so if you are looking for cheap cars only or planning temporary purchase, maybe we are not the suitable business partner for you. Because we have many kinds (more than 400, only vehicles name; more than 2000 modeless or types depend on their grade; and there are many years modeless per each model.) of vehicles in our Japanese market; and the preference of the foreign market is quite different each other.

We are frequently asked for a stock price list, maybe you can understand it is quite difficult, because of above reason. We cannot afford to keep uncertain stock among many kinds of Japanese used cars market. Of course, after we studied your usual request, sometime we will stock without your definite order. Besides, please note it will be quite risky to select your business partners only because of their cheap prices. We can put the price of MX5 1995; from US$2000-to US$6500-FOB, you had better recognize definitely that price are too much different depend on the grade and conditions of the car. Price will be up to your choice, depending on your business policy. We believe that you are clever enough to understand that bad car are cheap and good cars are expensive.

Anyway, we have to start our business depend on your sure order, at first. Pricing: Please understand, it is very difficult to make the general price list. We have tried to make general price list a few years ago, it took us approx.

2 month to finish and when we completed it was already out of date. We like to offer you the latest price at the time of your inquiry.

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